What Is a Social Enterprise in the Hong Kong Context?

In a previous article, KK mentioned the current debate in Mainland China on the nature of social enterprise. In Hong Kong, the issue is also a highly contentious one. It centers around how we should define social enterprise in the Hong Kong context. See how KK proposed to define social enterprise -

Muhammad Yunus on Consumption and the Logic of Uncontrolled Growth

KK have been studying Yunus’ two recent books. Both titles focus on social business (and indeed there are some overlapping materials), but Yunus’s primary purpose is to demonstrate that the current, 'traditional' capitalism has outlived its usefulness and that the world needs a new kind of capitalism in which social business will become increasingly the dominant form of business.

The Making of a Young Social Entrepreneur – Meet Freddy Law of Intercultural Education

At the age of 25, Freddy Law is a rising star in the world of social enterprise and alternative education in Hong Kong. With contagious passion and endless drive he differs from his peers with an insatiable desire to achieve his goal of transforming learning in his home town and beyond. His hard work, frequently over 16 hours a day, determination and motivation have attracted many young people to follow his path. Read his story -

Back to Basics: What are Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurs for?

Although ‘social enterprise’ and ‘social entrepreneur’ have now become part of the daily language, there are no commonly acceptable definitions of these terms, in Hong Kong and abroad. And when these terms are translated into Chinese, the confusion is even bigger. There is absolutely no doubt that there are social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, but these terms have vastly different meanings in the respective regions. Instead of debating definitions, one way to gain understanding into this phenomenon is to look at their common denominator, which is tackling social issues in new and innovative ways. What are the social issues we concern about?

Lighting up Lives, from Hong Kong

With a plan to centralise several of the company’s key functions in Hong Kong, D.light Design – one of the world’s most successful social enterprises – has chosen the city to be a base for its mission to serve people around the world living without steady electricity supply. KK talked about the significance of D.light's presence in Hong Kong.


(The article is in Chinese only) 剛在香港舉行的『社企民間高峰會』,以『創新、創業精神及社會革新』為主題。會上差不多每一個社會創業者的案例,都充份體現了這些主題。 筆者對其中一個案例,印象特別深刻,而且是來自中國內地,更是難能可貴。以下是『多背一公斤』和余志海的故事。