Sustainable Tourism


Editor’s Notes: You may recall that in the 2018 Social Enterprise Summit, there was one overseas speaker who addressed us on the topic of Sustainable Tourism. She was Alexa Poortier, co-founder of ItMustBeNow, a Certified B Corp in Switzerland whose mission is to transform the hospitality industry into a force for good. This is an … Continue reading NOW可持續旅遊指南

Nine B Corps Leading in Ethical Fashion

Editor’s Notes: Impakter, an online magazine on business and current affairs, has collaborated with B Lab to publish a series of articles on B Corps in specific fields. Below are nine B corps in ethical fashion. (February 7, 2019) Find Companies Making Style More Sustainable + Socially Just Gone are the days when choosing ethical fashion … Continue reading Nine B Corps Leading in Ethical Fashion

Sharing from B Corp Consulting Group (BCCG)

The global B Corp movement is about a new kind of business model that balances purpose and profit. Increasingly, millennial talents and consumers are looking for businesses that are acting in a way that deserves their choice of where to work, what to buy or when to invest.


Below is an interview (in Chinese) with Jaff Shen of Leping Foundation, which is a major foundation promoting B Corps in China.  Leping Foundation has been studying B Corp since 2012 and are well informed of various movements in the world attempting to reinvent capitalism. They decided to focus on B Corp because they genuinely believe that this is what China needs.