Trees and Sustainable Cities – Meet Ashoka Fellow Andy Lipkis in Hong Kong

Andy Lipkis will be in Hong Kong next week. Andy is a practical visionary who has dedicated his life to healing the environment while improving the lives of individuals and communities. At the age of 18, he founded TreePeople in Los Angeles to spearhead an approach using trees and forest-inspired technologies to make cities sustainable while mitigating floods, drought, pollution, and global warming.

Do You Need a ‘Gap Year’? – Why and Why Not?

A ‘gap year’ can take place at any point of one’s life -- as soon as the decision is made that ‘I will take a year of my normal study or work life and devote it to pursuing something that I value and enjoy doing.' Previously most gap years are taken between high school and university; but nowadays, gap years are taken by people of different ages, from undergraduates to graduate students, young working adults to mid-career executives, even people close to retirement. How can gap year change your life? See the excerpt of Harvard's article -

A Proposed Social Enterprise Development Fund for HK: But shall we learn from UnLtd instead?

The Chief Executive has suggested allocating $500 million from the Lotteries Fund to form a Social Enterprises Development Fund to provide loans to social enterprises. If the government is ready to commit a sizable amount of public money to support the development of social entrepreneurship, what is the best way to go about it?

Social Entrepreneurship and Mainstream Business: What’s the Connection and Why Does it Matter?

The upcoming luncheon seminar of Education for Good - "Social Entrepreneurship and Mainstream Business: What’s the Connection and Why Does it Matter?" will be the first attempt to systematically introduce to the business community why they should know more about the development of social entrepreneurship as a global movement and what they could and should do to support and collaborate with social entrepreneurs.

Social Innovator as Mayor of Seoul – What Can We Learn from Park Won Soon

In October last year, an NGO founder and social innovator Park Won Soon (朴元淳) was elected Mayor of Seoul. Park is a lawyer by profession and a well-known human rights lawyer. But he was most popularly known for his work as the founder of two NGOs – People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) founded in 1994 and the Beautiful Foundation founded in 2000.