Edited by Dr KK Tse

Born in 1948, I am proud to turn 70 in 2018. This calls for celebration. But I am not keen to have a fancy party to celebrate the occasion. Instead, I plan to identify 70 ImpactMakers during the year to work with me on my ten big projects for the next ten years.

70 X 70 means that I will first of all find these 70 potential ImpactMakers and then I will share with them my 70 years of knowledge, expertise, experience, resources, networks, etc. to enable them to be my partners in executing the major projects that I am working on which could collectively create a major social impact in this part of the world.

I look forward to having a big celebration on my 80th birthday during which we could review the impact we will have jointly created.

Why 行知合一 (integrates actions and knowledge)?

As you are aware, I am the co-founder of Education for Good, an organization dedicated to inspiring and nurturing the next generation of social entrepreneurs. We have experimented with many modes of training and learning, and currently we find the one that integrates actions and knowledge to be most productive and powerful. ImpactMakers are action-oriented people, but they also reflect on the effectiveness of their actions and seek knowledge and skills to enhance their subsequent rounds of practice.

Why is it called 門生計劃 (Studentship)?

Fundamentally, the ImpactMakers that I am looking for will be my partners for creating major social impact.

‘Partners’ imply that we are on equal footing, which I welcome and treasure. But in the past few years, I have also received feedback from some of my partners that I have not been demanding enough on them; that I could have much higher expectations of them, and set far higher standards for learning, performance and achievements.

Some even went so far as to suggest that I should treat them as ‘disciples’ (門徒), an idea which I did not particularly like. At most, I could treat them as “students’ (which can be translated as 門生 rather than 學生). In any case, I very much treasure this feedback and have incorporated many of these ideas into my selection criteria of potential ImpactMakers (more below).

10 Big Projects

I was named by National Geographic magazine (Chinese Edition) as one of the three Chinese Explorers of the Year in 2017.  In preparing my presentation for the award ceremony, I forced myself to look ahead rather than to focus on past achievements. The result was a list of six ‘unfinished projects’ which I hope to concentrate my effort to complete in the decade ahead. Subsequently I expanded it into ten. They are:

1. B Corps

This will be my top priority. I would like to develop BCCG (B Corp Consulting Group) as the ultimate source for B Corp training and consultancy support in HK and China. Starting from 2019, I would like to contribute to building B Lab HK to accelerate the B Corp movement in this part of the world.

3-Year Targets:

  • B Lab HK set up before 2020
  • At least 30 Certified B Corps in HK
  • A pool of at least 10 highly effective B Corp consultants

2. Lean Startup  Training and Coaching

I would like to see the development of an ever-expanding pool of Lean Startup trainers/coaches capable of enabling the application of this methodology to social enterprises, B Corps and other social purpose organizations.

3-Year Targets:

  • Total revenue generated exceeds HK$5 million
  • A team of 10 FTE trainers/coaches

3. Inclusive Sport

Supporting Dialogue Experience in developing this new type of wheelchaired-empowered sport that is  ‘a fun and exciting way to build teams and social inclusion’, resulting in having a large number of wheelchaired persons with dignified jobs as coaches and referees.

3-Year Targets:

  • Total revenue generated exceeds HK$10 million
  • At least 10 to 20 FTE wheelchaired personnel employed
  • Business model being ‘franchised’ to at least one city outside HK

4. Growth Mindset Training

Creating brand new training programs on Growth Mindset for corporate clients and developing a pool of trainers and facilitators.

3-Year Targets:

  • Total revenue generated exceeds HK$10 million
  • At least 20 trainers and facilitators

5. Innovation PODtal

Tentatively called 多元人才 夢創基地. Creating and developing a new platform to support People of Differences (POD) to become entrepreneurs or to build careers in mainstream job markets.

3-Year Targets:

  • At least 10 successful POD startups
  • Total jobs generated for PODs exceed 100
  • At least two flagship projects that change society’s perception of POD capabilities

6.  Sustainable Travel

Creating and developing new experience for tourists who want to see and feel a different HK. Part of the global movement to transform the hospitality industry as a force for good.

3-Year Targets:

  • Total revenue generated exceeds HK$10 million
  • 5 to 10 flagship experiences

7.  Citizen-led Green Community

Creating a citizen-led movement to transform HK’s environment by leveraging self-sustaining social enterprises in conjunction with NGOs and government agencies.

3-Year Targets:

  • Total revenue generated by SEs exceeds HK$5 million
  • Pioneered Unconferences and Gore-like training

8.  Golden Age Economy

Creating employment opportunities for Golden Agers through Lean Startup and other initiatives.

3-Year Target:

  • Total FTE employment generated exceeds 1,000

9.  Social Investment

Pioneering repayable finance by leveraging Social Investors Club and other similar organizations.

3-Year Target:

  • Over HK$10 million invested in SEs or B Corps

10. ImpactMaker-initiated projects

3-Year Target:

  • 5 to 10 highly selective, impact-focused projects within three years


Who are the ImpactMakers?

I said I would like to identify 70 ImpactMakers within 2018. This is 貴精又貴多 (Excellent Quality and Quantity). 貴精 (Excellent Quality) is perfectly understandable; 貴多 (Excellent Quantity) is because of the scale of collective impact that I would like to create. But I will be doing it in two steps, so as to ensure that the results will be both 精 and 多.

I will use the first half of 2018 to identify the first 20 ImpactMakers, and then use it as the basis for identifying another 50 in the second half of the year.

The selection criteria are simple yet stringent. The candidates are likely to be:

  1. Highly self-motivated to learn by themselves and in teams
  2. Having set high expectations of themselves to create a sizable impact in the world (say, impacting over 100,000 people’s lives in five years)
  3. Possessing a Growth Mindset (which means enjoy taking up challenges and not afraid of failures)
  4. Having a strong interest in at least one of the ten projects listed above
  5. Having at least five years of working experience in business, NGOs, social enterprises or voluntary work
  6. Regardless of age, educational qualifications, nationality, etc.
  7. Able to devote at least ten hours a week in learning and project activities, including weekends or work from home (this means even someone with a full-time job could be eligible, although those who have more flexibility in working hours could benefit more from the program)
  8. Spending at least half a day a week at Dream Impact to network with the Resident and Non-resident Partners

Program Duration: the basic program will last for 12 months, but practically for those will do well in the program, it is for life. Once someone becomes one of the 70 ImpactMakers, they will be part of a community with active sharing of knowledge, expertise, learning, feedback, support, resources and networks, etc., to create ever-greater impact, individually and collectively.

Admission Fee: HK$10,000 to be paid on admission to Education for Good Foundation Ltd.. Each participant is REQUIRED to generate at least HK$10,000 net income for themselves after they have gone through the mandatory Lean Startup course as a test of their mastery of the methodology.

Expression of Interest: If you are interested in this Program, please write to me and explain in 100 words why you should be considered: kakuitse@gmail.com