The Giving Pledge: How Billionaires Are Changing the World

Following Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s recent announcement, The Giving Pledge has suddenly become the talk of the town. It is certainly a major and timely initiative and is likely to have a major impact on charity giving as well as tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems. How will it impact social entrepreneurship? KK talks about the new way of "Giving" and the landscape in Hong Kong and China.

Social Venture Partners – The Venture Capital Approach to Philanthropy

When someone has a huge sum of money for charitable causes, he can set up a foundation with its own mission and full-time staff to manage it. For the ordinary folks who are occasional donors, they could only make the donations and hope for the best. But what about those in between these two extremes? There is a full spectrum of people with varying degree of wealth, knowledge, expertise and dedication to social causes. Beside donation, is there a better way to give?