Back to Basics: What are Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurs for?

Although ‘social enterprise’ and ‘social entrepreneur’ have now become part of the daily language, there are no commonly acceptable definitions of these terms, in Hong Kong and abroad. And when these terms are translated into Chinese, the confusion is even bigger. There is absolutely no doubt that there are social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, but these terms have vastly different meanings in the respective regions. Instead of debating definitions, one way to gain understanding into this phenomenon is to look at their common denominator, which is tackling social issues in new and innovative ways. What are the social issues we concern about?

How Business Endurance can Change the World: Written in the midst of financial tsunami with the courage to imagine a better world

C.H. Kee and co-author Cheng Man Wah have written a book which is likely to become a standard reference for anyone who is interested in promoting and practicing social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. KK ventured to offer you a summary in English in order for the non-Chinese readers to have a feel for the intent of the authors.