Wind of Change? Finance Guru Ron Cordes is Pointing Billions of Dollars in Better Direction

Call it a midlife crisis gone terribly right. After 28 years in finance, Ron Cordes – co-chairman of the US$21billion asset management firm Greenworth – is dedicating his energy to building an online portal that will make impact investing a whole lot easier. Take a closer look to impact investing and recent developments -

Muhammad Yunus on Consumption and the Logic of Uncontrolled Growth

KK have been studying Yunus’ two recent books. Both titles focus on social business (and indeed there are some overlapping materials), but Yunus’s primary purpose is to demonstrate that the current, 'traditional' capitalism has outlived its usefulness and that the world needs a new kind of capitalism in which social business will become increasingly the dominant form of business.

Yunus Comes to China

Most people would have heard of Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, who were the joint winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. They might also be aware of the fact that Yunus’ microfinance model has been replicated in many parts of the world. Very few, however, are familiar with the work of Grameen Foundation which has helped accelerate the spread of Yunus’ model across the world.