Dorothy Lam

  • Vice-Chairperson, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Co-founder and Chief Catalyst, Dream Impact

With a multi-dimensional background and experience in emerging technology, social innovation and arts in New York City, Hong Kong, Berlin & Abu Dhabi, she integrates various disciplines of wellness, resilience and innovation of how businesses can integrate community-driven and human-centric solutions to solve today’s pressing social issues. Having successfully built a network of 140+ social startups, NGOs, universities, impact investors and corporates to work on cross-sector collaborations, Dream Impact is the leading impact ecosystem builder in Hong Kong.


  • 社會創業論壇副主席
  • 香港「夢創成真」共同創辦人及首席推動者
林之鴻女士憑藉她在紐約、柏林和阿布扎比時,在嶄新科技、社會創新和社區藝術策劃方面上的多維背景和經驗,她能為不同企業帶來結合社區導向和以人為本的另類方案以更有效地解決當今社會包括身心健康、復原力和創新等各學科的問題。她所創辦的Dream Impact 成功建立了一個由 140 多家社會初創公司、非政府組織、大學、影響力投資者和企業組成的網絡,以開展跨界別合作,Dream Impact 亦是香港領先的影響力生態圈建構者。