Patrick Cheung

  • Vice-Chairperson, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Founder, Water Drops Foundation
  • Founder, DiD HK Limited
  • Founder and CEO of Jade Club
  • Chairman of Social Impact Fellows Ltd

Dr. Cheung is a serial-entrepreneur. After a successful career as an entrepreneur, he sold all his business at the age of 50. Then he devoted full time to promote social entrepreneurship and social innovation. He is one of the founding Directors of Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, the leading social entrepreneurship platform in Hong Kong. He successfully established Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong and quickly turn it into one of the most successful social enterprise in Hong Kong.
Starting from 2011, Dr. Cheung shifted his focus to Elderly Care. He established Jade Club to develop community care and active ageing programs. He set up Onward Community Care to test out commercial model to provide home care services. Together with Dr. Alice Tso, he found Hong Kong community Care Society, a non-profit to promote ageing in place and primary care. Water Drops Foundation is his vehicle for philanthropic work in promoting social innovation for elderly sectors. Dr. Cheung served Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund as a task force member for seven years. He also sits in the ageing in place committee of Elderly Commission of Hong Kong Government. He was a member of the review committee of Social Welfare Department on Nursing home ordinance review committee.

Dr. Cheung holds a B.Sc. Degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master degree in International Relation and public affair and a Doctorate in public administration from University of Hong Kong. He had attended the PMD program at Harvard Business School, and the Management Training from INSEAD.


  • 社會創業論壇副主席
  • 滴水基金創辦人
  • 黑暗中對話 (香港)有限公司創辦人
  • 香港尊賢會創辦人
  • 社創新動力主席

2009年他成功引入私人資本創辦跨國社企「黑暗中對話」,他以創新的業務模式,使「黑暗中對話 (香港)有限公司」成為香港最成功的社企之一。2010年中,創辦滴水基金會,支持和推動社會企業精神發展。2012年又創辦尊賢會,探索以可持續的商業模式去建立創新社區安老的網絡。