15 Jan 2018
Newsletter No. 193:ImpactMakers 70 X 70 | 行知合一 門生計劃
12 Dec 2017
Newsletter No. 192:謝家駒的未來探險
28 Oct 2017
Newsletter No. 191:我為何看好共益企業的未來?
09 Oct 2017
Newsletter No. 190:十年如一日 -  社會企業在香港方興未艾
21 Aug 2017
Newsletter No. 189 How to Find Work that Matters: Insights for Hong Kong from MONDAY
14 Aug 2017
Newsletter No. 188 Strategic Volunteering – the Role of the Intrapreneur-Volunteer
03 Jul 2017
Newsletter No. 187 A Hong Kong-born Social Entrepreneur Making an Impact on the World
10 May 2017
Newsletter No. 185 商業向善的黎明:“共益企業”運動登陸中國
10 Mar 2016
Newsletter No. 173 Education for Good CIC LTD. Certified as a B Corporation
04 Dec 2015
Newsletter No. 172 社創新天地 --  政府新政策將大力推動社會企業的發展
07 Oct 2015
Newsletter No. 171 B Corporation – the Future of Capitalist Firm in the 21st Century?
06 Aug 2015
Shared Value Forum: 9th September, 2015
20 Jul 2015
The 6th Annual General Meeting cum Dinner Seminar of Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum
16 Jul 2015
Newsletter No. 170: 如何當社會企業的天使投資者 -- <社企投資會>的經驗與啟示 (Only available in Chinese)
16 Jul 2015
如何當社會企業的天使投資者 -- <社企投資會>的經驗與啟示 (Only available in Chinese)
04 May 2015
Newsletter No. 169: (4 May 2015): 我為什麼說"未來5年中國有望成為社會企業第一大國"
13 Apr 2015
Newsletter No. 168: (13 April 2015): Co-Working Space Vs Co-Creation Space
16 Feb 2015
Newsletter No. 166: (16 February 2015): Social Investors Club
19 Jan 2015
Newsletter No. 165: (19 January 2015): The Rise of Social Stock Exchanges
17 Nov 2014
Newsletter No. 163: (11 November 2014): 6 Days at the Height of the Summit
05 Nov 2013
Social Enterprise Summit 2013: Coming Up Events
28 Oct 2013
(Final Call for Entry) HKSEC 2013 Enrolment
25 Oct 2013
求松,來自海拔3,800米分享會 Shang with Song Qiu, from 3,800m above sea level @ Good Lab
22 Oct 2013
人生下半場更精彩?HalfTime Transformation Journey
16 Oct 2013
(Call for Entry) HKSEC 2013 Enrolment and Think big Act Big Workshop
14 Sep 2013
Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards
01 Aug 2013
Join an unforgettable journey
01 Aug 2013
Free e-book: The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook
11 Jul 2013
Three StartmeupHK Venture Programme Grand Award Winners will receive benefits worth over US$300,000:
21 Jun 2013
Journeys for Change: Upcoming journeys 2013 – 2015
07 Feb 2013
The Social Enterprise Scholarship
19 Jun 2012
Management for Social Enterprises ( A course by HKU SPACE)

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